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Moments ago, I noticed a tweet that gave me all the wrong vibes.

What does that even mean?

Wattpad authors spend countless hours, days, months (essentially a lifetime) brainstorming and outlining the perfect plot, characters, settings, plot twists, etc. After they complete the thought-stage, Wattpad authors, like any authors, move onto the writing stage. Once again, this takes another lifetime to complete.

An average chapter is around 2,000 words, which can take anywhere from an hour to five to write, depending on the person and the situation. Multiply that by twenty, thirty chapters… We are talking about a lot of time here.

Oh, but let us not forget the editing stage that comes after writing! Going back to proofread, omit, add in, and correct your work numerous times can get a bit tedious, but we persevere through it anyways.

My point is — Wattpad authors spend all that time to…

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